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$1,490.00 HKD

Open Collar

A relaxed collar with pointed mini lapels and a collar stand, which helps the collar roll up and down nicely.

Button Loop

Button loop provides the option to conceal the pointed lapels on the collar.

Button Front Closure

Military-Standard Melamine Buttons

A signature detail used across our collections every season. Guaranteed quality to last for decades.

Patch Pocket

One chest patch pocket with triangle stitching for reinforcement.  

Notch on the Cuffs

Provides the shirt a distinctive feature.  

Flared Facing Shape Inside

The curved facing on this French Placket gives the shirt a unique and organic design.

Straight Hem

Our straight-cut bottom has a 1” hem. The length of the shirt is balanced so that it can be tucked in or left untucked.

Straight Yoke

Provides extra support for a long lasting shirt.

Back Loop

First appeared in 1960’s, locker loops keep shirts wrinkle free by hanging them up.

Side Pleats

Create extra range of motion for shoulders and back.

French Seam

Encloses the seam allowance so no raw edge is visible. The result is a super clean look both inside and outside.

Side Slit

Side slits on the bottom provide more room for movement.


Country of Origin
Los Angeles, California, USA

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