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$2,850.00 HKD

Large Slide Buttons

Borrows the functional pocket details from the Canadian Army wear. We source the buttons from the Canadian button supplier who supplies to the Canadian Army.

Gusseted Pocket with a Button Flap

One large pocket and two small pockets that are gusseted (three dimensional) for more storage space. Reinforced with bar tuck at the openings and lined with extra fabric for durability. A button flap is added for more security. The pointed and rounded shape of the flap with single needle stitching elevates the aesthetic.   

Button Front Closure and Button Cuffs

Canadian Army buttons

Collar Stand

Composed of three different layers of fabrics to make it durable. This additional pattern piece and its engineered shape make the collar rolled up and down in a much nicer way while it maintains a perfect look of the open collar.

Flared Facing Shape Inside

Inside of the shirt facing has a distinct curve shape. It would be normal to finish this are straight from top to bottom, but we do the curve shape on purpose as a homage to well crafted vintage clothing that we do. Peace of mind in design like this is what we vale on every single garment we produce. You will find the curve shape on the inside facing on a lot of Monitaly garments.

Drawstring on Hem

Provides the option to tighten the hem to make it look like a sweatshirt-like silhouette. The drawstring is made of self fabric.  

Hanging Loop on Inside Neck

Keeps the jacket wrinkle free by hanging it up.

French Seam Construction

Encloses the seam allowance so no raw edge is visible. The result is a super clean look both inside and outside.


 Country of Origin
Los Angeles, California, USA

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