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GRIP SWANY x and wander TAKIBI pocket pants black

$3,090.00 HKD

GRIP SWANY x and wander TAKIBI pocket pants

It is a collaboration item of grip swany and and wander. GRIP SWANY's original BRAZE SHIELD fabric, which has excellent self-extinguishing properties, has a flame retardancy that is also used as a military fabric. Even if it comes in contact with flame, it will not melt and will be carbonized to avoid accidents. It has been cleared as a flame-retardant fabric by Japanese inspection agencies. This is redesigned based on GRIP SWANY's classic fireproof pants. A large pocket can hold a gloves for bonfire, and a carabineer with a rope can be used to hang a key or other important item in the pocket. The double stitching of thick thread gives a casual image, and these pants can be used not only for camping but also for everyday use. Partially uses reflector stitches for night visibility.


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