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District Vision × and wander Dyneema drawstring bag

$1,290.00 HKD

Collaboration item between District Vision and and wander.

District Vision is a performance eyewear label founded in 2015 in New York by college classmates Tom Daly and Max Vallot, leveraging their marketing experience at Acne Studios and Saint Laurent.

Their creation is based on two principles: respect for Japan's advanced sports engineering and the importance of a balanced lifestyle. The artwork is by Filip Pagowski, a graphic artist based in New York, and is inspired by Japanese meditation, expressing the physical and mental health of the outdoors.

This bag is made from DSM's Dyneema composite fabric (formerly Cuben Fiber), an ultra-lightweight material with high waterproof performance and tear strength. Since this backpack is made with priority on lightness, there is a risk of damage such as holes if a force is applied to one point.




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