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CAYL Seorak 3 B-Grid-White

$480.00 HKD

Features & Specs
Inside, it is easy to store small items such as a small digital camera, notebook wallet, and action items.
The front mesh is convenient for storing items that need quick access.
The shoulder strap is a string-based, quick-drying (aerocool) soft fabric when worn as an extra layer.
The rough feeling is minimized.
A waterproof zipper is applied to the main storage space, and a retro-reflective string is applied to the front mesh part.
It protects items from escaping and can help with safety when used at night.
Please refer to the size chart below for detailed sizes.
1. Material : CAYL B-GRID Fabric (210Denier(with 400D UPMWPE, Mesh)
2. Parts : YKK water repellent zipper, Woojin Plastic, 3mm cord 
3. Weight : 55 g
Made in Korea

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