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CAYL Grid tote / B-grid White

$790.00 HKD
Grid Tote

This tote bag is made in a size that can be used comfortably in everyday life.

A zipper is applied to the entrance of the bag, and a small pocket is also reflected inside.
Foam is applied to the side of the strap, making it more comfortable to wear.

If you put the entrance part inside and use it, you can create two styles.

There are two pockets on the outside, and one pocket has a waterproof zipper, so it is easy to store small items.

* In case of contamination, it is recommended to wipe it immediately.
* We recommend hand washing using a mild detergent.

Width: 51 cm
Length: 43 cm
Bottom: 13 cm
String Circumference Length: 76cm

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