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CAYL Stretch Nylon Pullover Shirts / Brown Khaki

$1,080.00 HKD

Stretch Nylon Pullover Shirt
Stretch Nylon Series is made of 30 denier fabric composed of 90% Nylon and 10% Polyurethane.
Basically, it is a very stretchy fabric, so it is very active.
The DWR coating on the surface makes it water-repellent, but the water repellency decreases over time.
It's basically an activity-focused product that's breathable.
As it is breathable, it is suitable for wearing during trekking of mountaineering.
The pocket detail of the existing hiker shirt was brought as it is, and the size and hem design have been slightly changed.
The larger the size, the more comfortable it is to wear.
It is convenient to use as the pocket details are maintained so that the location of the pocket does not interfere even when wearing the backpack chest strap.

1. Material: Nylon 90% Polyurethane 10%
2. Parts: Ykk Zipper
3. Weight: 154 g (M size)
4. Made in Korea

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