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CAYL MTG Long Sleeve- Blue

$490.00 HKD

This is CAYL's MTG Long Sleeve.


Mountain Task Group

A fictitious workgroup created for mountains.

We are thinking about protecting the mountain and making it sustainable.

(Illustration: Bae Young-tae)


Hyosung's Cotna yarn and creora (Span)

It is a T-shirt made of applied fabric.


The characteristic of Cotna yarn is a functional T-shirt, but

It can be implemented to be close to a soft surface touch.


It is a product with a little thickness and has excellent quick-drying properties compared to cotton.


The printing uses silicone pigments to make it flexible in stretching.


  1. Material: Polyester 95% (Cotna) Spandex 5% (Creora)



2. Weight: 250 g (M size)

3. Print: Silicon Silkscreen


* Made in Korea

Model 184cm wearing Size L

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