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CAYL Mari Roll Top X-pac / Brown Khaki

$1,680.00 HKD

"Mari is a Korean word that means leader, the best."

The Mari Backpack is a backpack of the size that can be used for light hiking, day hiking, and daily use for 2 days 1 night.
It is a backpack featuring high packing convenience and an asymmetric design through opening through the front zipper.
1. Capacity: 27-32L
2. Fabric used: X-PAC VX21, CAYL GRID 210D, 3D Air mesh, Polyester Mesh
3. Weight: 527 g
4. User materials: YKK waterproof zipper, Woojin Plastic parts
5. Recommended packing weight: 8kg or less
6. Features
   - Fully openable form for easy packing
   - 2 way zipper opens from bottom to top
   - 5T foam pad applied to the back panel (46 cm X 72 cm, folded and applied with three layers of 1.5t)
      -> Can be removed and used as a mat auxiliary means
   - 20mm webbing waist belt to prevent sway
   - Front retroreflection compression elastic string provided
   - Part composition that can compose the lower part of the string

* Washing method
- Wash the contaminated area by gently rubbing it with neutral detergent.
- Please wash it partially, and do not use a washing machine or dryer.

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