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CAYL Light Mountain Collarless Jacket- black

$1,790.00 HKD

This product can be used for daily or light outdoor activities.


The outer material is made of polyester with 2 layers of laminated fabric.

It is a fabric with excellent windproof performance and waterproof performance.

The surface has a water-repellent coating to show water-repellent performance.


The lining is mesh on the body side and nylon (Pertex) on the arm side when worn on the sleeve side.

It has been made to improve warmth and wearability.


By providing a total of 8 pockets, it can be stored according to the purpose.


The wrist size can be adjusted with Velcro.


* Fabric

- Shell : Polyester 100% 2Layer Laminating

- Lining : 100% Nylon (Pertex Quantum)


*Parts : Woojin Plastic


*Weight: 357.5 g (M size)


Made in Korea

*Model 184cm wearing size L*

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