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CAYL AquaX Hat- Dark Sage

$490.00 HKD

Nylon double weave spandex fabric with fine ribs made of nylon on the outside

The inner side is a double weave structure with AquaX yarn.


The surface is treated with a water-repellent coating, so water droplets can be repelled.

Over time, that function will weaken.


The yarn on the skin contact surface has a quick-drying function.

It absorbs sweat and dries quickly.


It is a product that applied the existing Supplex Hat pattern as it is.

It is a product with enhanced breathability.


The band is a Coolmax band, and an adjustable size string is reflected.


1. Fabric: Nylon 86% Polyurethane 14%


2. Weight: 56 g


* Made in Korea


* If you sweat a lot, wash the part lightly and quickly.

  It can be worn without discoloration.


* Please hand wash by gently rubbing the contaminated area using a neutral detergent.

* Please dry in the shade.

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