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CAYL AquaX Cap- Dark Sage

$490.00 HKD

It is a double weave fabric with AquaX yarn applied. AquaX yarn has good hygroscopicity, so it can give you a comfortable feeling when worn.

A string is applied so that the size can be adjusted.

Retro-reflective logo printed on the side.


The surface is coated with DWR, so it is water-repellent.

Over time, the water repellency decreases.

It's basically an activity-focused product that's breathable.


The side incision is shaped like a mountain, and it is characterized by the fact that the upper panel can be worn comfortably when worn.


1. Fabric


      Polyurethane 14%


2. Parts: Woojin Plastic


3. Weight: 59 g



Made in Korea

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