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NORBIT HNJK-017 4 Way Stretch Hike Jacket

$2,952.00 HKD $3,690.00 HKD

This item has comfortableness of wearing, roughness as a classical hunting and lightness of fabrics. Also, it has the pockets with uniqueness of “norbit.” Those pockets are unnecessary to be stretching; therefore, it is used different nylon fabric. This jacket is good for all kinds of situations such as traveling, hiking and going out.

着丈(LENGTH) M: 75.5cm L: 78cm XL: 80.5cm バスト(BUST) M: 115cm L: 120cm XL: 125cm

肩幅(SHOULDER WIDTH) M: 46cm L: 48cm XL: 50cm

袖幅(SLEEVE WIDTH) M: 63.5cm L: 65cm XL: 66.5

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