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MONITALY Hand-Braided Bolo Tie M23907

$490.00 HKD

  • Premium quality African batik print fabric

  • Hand-braided

  • Fringe finish

  • Adjustable stopper

  • One-of-a-kind


Country of Origin:

Los Angeles, California, USA


We always keep and recycle waste pieces that we get from cutting garments and make them reborn with a creative design idea.  The Hand-Braided Bolo Tie is one of the great examples of this Monitaly’s philosophy.  Using random fabric pieces that were left from the past season’s production run, a lot of different patterns of fabric get mixed and matched to make this beautiful accessory.  Everything is done by hand. 


Size & Fit

  • One size fits most.



100% Cotton

The world’s most premium African batik print fabric made in the Netherlands



  • Hand wash only

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