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KLATTERMUSEN 40385U91 Bure Backpack 20L

$1,250.00 HKD $1,390.00 HKD
Bure is designed for daily climbing missions, made to fit everything you need for one day on the mountain.

With its simple external, you'll avoid getting tangled up in rocks or carabiners, while it’s still possible to attach a helmet and carabiners in the loop webbing if you wish. The Bure backpack is lightweight and made in a durable fabric to withstand contact with sharp rocks. The backpack is designed with gravity in mind and will have the center gravity placed closest to your body center when climbing. To increase this effect even more, the compression strap on top of the backpack can be used. The compression strap can also be used to attach a rope or as a belay attachment. The S-shaped shoulder straps allow free movement when climbing as this makes the straps move towards the chest. For convenient hydration, a hole for a water bladder hose is placed in between the straps. A mesh pocket to hold the water bladder is placed on the inside of the backpack, together with a zipped pocket for valuables.

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