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CAYL Mesh Hiker Cap / Grey

$390.00 HKD

CAYL mesh hiker cap.

The front panel and visor are made of Pertex Quantum Air fabric.
It is a product that can be worn comfortably with the mesh on the back and the mesh lining inside.
There is a wire at the end of the brim, so you can bend the brim to the desired shape.
It is possible to easily change the shape after packing with a small size.

1. Material: 100% Nylon / Mesh: 100% Polyester
2. Parts: Woojin Plastic
3. Weight: 39 g

Made in Korea

* If you sweat a lot, wash the part lightly and quickly.

* It can be worn without discoloration.

* Please hand wash by gently rubbing the contaminated area using a neutral detergent.
* Please dry in the shade.

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