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CAYL Gaya Rolltop Xpac / Black

$1,380.00 HKD

Gaya is named after the name of Mt. Gaya.

‘Mt. Gaya is famous for Haeinsa Temple, the Tripitaka Koreana, and the Hongryudong Valley.
It has been regarded as a mountain with outstanding virtues since ancient times for its scenic spots and natural scenery. ’

The Gaya concept was developed for daily use or day hiking, and furthermore, UL long-distance hikes.
It is a rather small capacity with 18L-22L capacity, but if you use the pocket and bottom string and use the bottle pouch,
Overnight hikes are also available in warmer weather.

Main Function

*Removable foam pad that can be used as a cushion or as an auxiliary means of mat when camping
*Internal pockets can store important items
*Large-sized outer pocket
*Hook to prevent sagging of outer pocket
*External waterproof zipper pocket for storing major items (not applicable to mesh pockets)
*External string for expansion storage (2way)
*Using shoulder strap adjustment webbing to minimize shaking by fastening the back buckle

- Fabric composition

- Back : CAYL GRID 210D
- Bottom : X-pac VX21
- Body : X-pac VX21
- Pocket : Hard Mesh

- Weight: 426 g

※ Recommended packing weight: less than 7 kg

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