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CAYL NC Stretch Hiking Pants / Grey

$1,390.00 HKD

These are CAYL's NC Stretch Hiking Pants.
 These pants are made of 70 denier nylon, cotton and spandex.
The inner side is woven in a concave-convex structure to give a slightly more comfortable feeling.
< Main Features >
. A total of 6 pockets on the front provide a variety of storage.
. The ventilation zipper is reflected on the back side, so you can ventilate if necessary.
. There is no need to wear a separate belt because of the waist webbing and band reflection.
. The string is reflected on the hem, so you can adjust it to your liking and wear it.
1. Fabric: Nylon 56% , Cotton 38%, Polyurethane 6%
2. Zipper: YKK coil zipper, Conseal Zipper
3. Accessories: Woojin Plastic
4. Weight: 404 g (M Size)
* Recommended season for use: mid-season to early winter (exclusive)
                           Winter (layering in warmth)
 * Made in Korea

* Washing method
- We recommend hand washing using a mild detergent.
- Do not wash in hot water
- Do not use fabric softener
- Do not iron
Please check the size chart for detailed size.

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