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Strech Warm Coat

$2,180.00 HKD

Stretch Warm Coat
Made of nylon double-woven span fabric.

The outside is nylon and has a fine lip The inner side is a double-woven structure with AquaX yarn, brushed.

The surface is treated with a water-repellent coating, so water droplets can be removed. The function weakens over time.

The yarn on the skin-contact surface has a quick-drying function that absorbs sweat and dries quickly.

The coat is characterized by a hidden chest pocket and a front flap. It is a comfortable size and can be worn lightly during the season It is suitable for wearing as an outer layer by layering on the inside.

It is light and can be worn comfortably. Kale retroreflective logo is printed. The sleeves can be sized with a sun grip.

Please refer to the table for detailed sizes.

1. Material : Nylon 86% Polyurethane 14%

                  - 외측 70 데니아
                  - 내측 70 데니아(aquax)
2. Parts : Ykk zipper, Sungrip snap


Made in Korea

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