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CAYL Stretch Nylon Sunvisor Cap Solid / Black

$560.00 HKD

Stretch Nylon Sunvisor Cap - Solid
Stretch Nylon Series
It is made of 30 denier fabric consisting of 90% Nylon and 10% Polyurethane.
The DWR coating on the surface makes it water-repellent, but the water repellency decreases over time.
Basically, it is an activity-focused product, with good elasticity and breathability.
It is a hat combined with a sunshade and a light cap, and it is easy to use in daily life and hiking.
Protects the back of the neck and side of the face from sun exposure.
* If you put the screen while wearing it, it is convenient to put it in by crumpling it. If you put the screen near the back of the head as much as possible, the shape of the hat at the front will be minimally deformed.
(Please use the part according to your preference while using it)
1. Material
  - Shell : Nylon 90% Polyurethane 10%
  - Lining: 100% Polyester
3. Parts: Sungrip
3. Weight: 79 g
* Made in Korea
* A button strap is provided to fix the veil on the chin.
This item is a detachable item, so please be careful about losing it.
* This product is made of fabric that has not been separately measured for UV protection.
Basic UV protection using fabric is possible, and it is difficult to provide a clear figure.
* When washing the hat, if you sweat a lot, please wash it partially.
It is important to minimize the exposure to sunlight so that the sodium component does not remain on the fabric for a long time. (minimize discoloration)

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